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C.H.I.P. is a computer. It's tiny and easy to use. C.H.I.P. does computer things. Work in LibreOffice and save your documents to C.H.I.P.'s onboard storage. Surf the web and check your email over Wi-Fi. Play games with a Bluetooth controller. With dozens of applications and tools preinstalled, C.H.I.P. is ready to do computer things the moment you power it on.
C.H.I.P. - The World's First $9 Computer
C.H.I.P. - The World's First $9 Computer
C.H.I.P. is a computer for students, teachers, grandparents, children, artists, makers, hackers, and inventors. Everyone really. C.H.I.P. is a great way to add a computer to your life and the perfect way to power your computer based projects.

C.H.I.P. is powerful
C.H.I.P comes with 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage.

C.H.I.P. connects
C.H.I.P. has built in WiFi + Bluetooth. Connect to the internet and attach a keyboard and mouse WIRELESSLY! 

C.H.I.P. works with any screen
C.H.I.P. is designed to work with any screen. Old or new. Big or small.
Connect via C.H.I.P.’s built-in composite output or add a simple adapter for either VGA or HDMI.

C.H.I.P. does serious work
Use C.H.I.P. with LibreOffice to edit spreadsheets, create word documents, or craft presentations. It's all there.

C.H.I.P. surfs
Use the Chromium browser to surf the web. Check out websites, send emails, watch videos, and more. The internet awaits.

C.H.I.P. teaches you to code
C.H.I.P. comes pre-loaded with Scratch - an easy to learn language that teaches the basics of programing by making stories, games, and animations.

C.H.I.P. plays (lots of) games
Connect Bluetooth controllers to C.H.I.P. and play thousands of games both retro and new. Been missing that amazing DOS game from your childhood? C.H.I.P. plays it!

C.H.I.P. rocks...hard.
Connect a MIDI keyboard to C.H.I.P. and jam. Use it as a portable music player or as part of your favorite setup. Attach powered speakers and hear your tunes at full volume.  Rock on!

C.H.I.P. is familiar
C.H.I.P.'s open source operating system is easy to use and navigate. Its graphical display is just like what you're used to!

C.H.I.P .has tons of apps
C.H.I.P. comes preinstalled with dozens of useful applications, tools and amazing games. Beyond those, C.H.I.P. can run THOUSANDS of free applications from the open source community.

C.H.I.P. is portable
PocketC.H.I.P. makes C.H.I.P. portable!  PocketC.H.I.P. gives C.H.I.P. a 4.3" touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and 5-hour battery - in a case small enough to fit in your back pocket.

C.H.I.P. is for projects
At 1GHz and with 512MB of DDR3 RAM, C.H.I.P. is powerful enough to run real software, and handle the demands of a full GUI just as well as it handles attached hardware. Best of all, CHIP runs mainline Linux, which means it's easier than ever to keep teaching it new tricks without inheriting a pile of kernel patches.

Speaking of power, C.H.I.P. includes a fully integrated battery power circuit so that you can take your project outside right away. No external power circuit needed, just attach a 3.7v LiPo battery to C.H.I.P. and you're ready to go mobile.

Most important, though, is that C.H.I.P. is built to be flexible. Whether you're building yourself a wall clock that counts down time to the next bus at your stop, or setting up a network of hundreds of solar-powered air quality sensors for use in disaster relief, you need the same basic tools to start from: a processor, a way to exchange data, and a way to power everything. With C.H.I.P., all the groundwork is laid, and the only question is what you'll do next.

C.H.I.P. is open source
C.H.I.P. built to make tiny powerful computers more accessible and easier to use. A huge part of making C.H.I.P. accessible is making sure that it can change to meet the needs of the community. That's why both C.H.I.P. and PocketC.H.I.P. are both TOTALLY OPEN SOURCE. This means all hardware design files schematic, PCB layout and bill of materials are free for you the community to download, modify and use.

+ 4.3" 470px x 272px screen w/ resistive touch
+ Full Super-Clicky QWERTY keyboard
+ Rugged Injection Molded Shell
+ Fully open source
+ GPIO breakouts
+ C.H.I.P. is removable via hatch
+ 3,000 mAH battery


popSLATE is an E-Ink screen on the back of your iPhone case. That means it's low-power, always-on and totally customizable. It's a second screen case for your iPhone. Customize the back of your phone instantly with images from friends, Instagram, artists, and more.

The Second Screen Experience for your iPhone 5
popSLATE is an E-Ink screen in an iPhone 5 case.  That means it's low-power, always-on, super-readable in direct sunlight, and totally customizable. It's a blank slate you can populate with the images you love. Now you can express yourself to the world, share cool stuff with friends, and always have your favorite app functionality at a glance.
Express Yourself
You can Pop just about anything to the back of your iPhone. Snap a picture. Grab images on the Web. Take iPhone screenshots. Plug in to your other photo sharing platforms, like Instagram.  Receive pictures from friends. You can Pop 'em one by one, or quickly set up a slideshow.
Always-On Productivity 
Don't you hate it when your iPhone screen keeps turning off when you need to view something every few moments? Or, you're in a meeting and need something important from your iPhone, but you just can't get away with looking at it on the sly?
Since the popSLATE screen is ultra-low-power, it is always on. This opens up a bunch of possibilities. Urgent notifications, sports scores, maps, notes, calendar, talking points-you name it-will now be available at a glance.
Micro E-Reader
Kindle? iPhone? Who wants to carry both? Get a popSLATE instead. The E Ink screen is readable even in the brightest sunlight. Try doing that with your glossy LCD screen.
Share With Friends
With the Popslate app, you can manage your digital image library, pass along cool things for your friends to Pop, and plug in to your other photo sharing platforms, like Instagram.
How It All Works
The popSLATE case includes the latest, ruggedized, E-Ink screen, so it protects your iPhone just like any 'dumb' case. In fact the screen is nearly indestructible.
The screen only uses power when the image changes so it sips negligible power from the phone. popSLATE use the lightning connector for both power and data exchange. For shortcut navigation, popSLATE also integrating a tactile interface based upon the iPhone's accelerometer. Double tap the back of your phone to cycle through images or accept Pops from your friends.
Then there's popSLATE app on the iPhone side. You can take pictures with the camera, browse the image gallery, manage your library, connect with other users, send/receive images and messages, and Pop what you want, when you want it.

Everything You Need At A Glance
Boarding Passes
Never be caught without a boarding pass when your phone dies
Keep your bearings, no power required
To-Do Lists
Stay on top of your daily tasks without opening your phone
View your day's meetings at a glance
The popSLATE case
Instantly show off your images 24/7
popSLATE is thin and lightweight but can take a beating while protecting your phone
Save Power
Use the ultra low-power, ePaper screen to extend your battery life
The popSLATE app
Find powerful designs and pics from rich content channels, including the universe of Instagram
Capture the moment with your camera or grab anything you've dropped into your photo library
Share your favorite images with your friends and the global popSLATE community
Compatibility: iPhone 5
Screen: Ruggedized, 4" diagonal E-Ink screen
Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Case dimensions: 5.35'' x 2.56'' x 0.54''
Weight: <75 grams
Case Color: Black or White
Battery: Last a week on a single charge
Charging: Micro-USB port used for charging
PRICE: $129

Play on iPad with Real People and Real Objects. Osmo promotes social intelligence and creative thinking in kids. Use Osmo and shape the future of play.
Osmo: A unique gaming accessory for the iPad that promotes social intelligence and creative thinking in kids
Osmo: A unique gaming accessory for the iPad that promotes social intelligence and creative thinking in kids
Play Beyond the Screen
Osmo's groundbreaking system fosters social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad to the endless possibilities of physical play.
Osmo Game System
Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.
Reflector - Simply snaps over your iPad's camera.
Base - Crafted for kid durability.
Playing Field - Turn any surface into an imaginative playing field.
iPad - Works with the latest iPads, including the iPad Mini and iPad 2.
Under The Hood
Osmo is crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms for unlimited possibilities of play.
3 Games to start with
Create it. Find it. Invent it. Make it.
Arrange tangible puzzle pieces into matching on-screen shapes. Play with a friend or challenge yourself to more advanced levels as your handy-work lights up with each victory.
Use your creative noggin and inventive objects like a hand-drawn basket, grandma's glasses, dad's keys, or anything around you to guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones.
Be the first to guess and spell out the on-screen hidden word by tossing down real-life letters faster than your friends. A related picture gives the clue.
Family Fun.
Get silly with your siblings. Debate word definitions with friends. Compete with Dad (and make him sweat!). Osmo brings kids and families together in the real world - for real time laughs.
For Everyone.
Easy to learn. Jump right into play. Made for kids from 6 to 96, from the young to the young at heart.

Designed for: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air.

PRICE: $79.99 (USD)

Proto-X is a Ready-to-Fly Nano-Sized Quadcopter. Not only is the Proto-X the world's smallest
, it's also one of the world's lightest multi-rotor helis! Proto-X quadcopters combine beginner-friendly flight with right-out-of-the-box convenience.
Proto-X: The world's smallest and lightest quadcopter that can sit in the Palm of your Hand
Proto-X: The world's smallest and lightest quadcopter that can sit in the Palm of your Hand
The 1.8" x 1.8" Proto-X is tiny, ideal for indoor flying - and it weighs only four-tenths of an ounce. Bright, built-in LEDs make it easy to see the Proto-X in low-light conditions. A 2.4GHz radio not only allows for interference-free flight - it makes it easy for multiple Proto-X helis to fly at once. A 3.7V 100mAh LiPo battery, USB charge cord and spare rotor blades are also included in the ready-to- fly package. All you need to add are two "AAA" batteries!
+ Lights add to the fun when flying in the dark.
+ 2.4GHz controller links only to your aircraft, so multiple aircraft can fly together.
+ Flies easily in any open indoor area.
+ Includes a 3.7V 100mAh LiPo battery with built-in charge and discharge protection.
+ Recharge quickly with the included USB charge cord.
+ The triple-axis, three-accelerometer gyro features an Auto-Upright system for self-correcting flight
+ Compact, beginner-friendly and ideal for indoor flying.
+ Gyro provides smooth, stable fight.
+ Sleek, tough high-tech body.
+ Includes a USB charge cord and spare rotor blades.

Proto-X Specifications
1.8 in x 1.8 in (45 mm x 45 mm)
0.4 oz (11.5 g)
Helicopter, 2.4GHz Controller, USB charge cord, Spare rotor blades
2 "AAA" batteries
$29.99 (USD)

Wellograph is an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch in one that delivers live, insightful information about the wearer's activity through simple infographic interface.
Wellograph: The wellness watch for Android, iOS & Windows Phone with an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch - Specifications, Price
Wellograph: The wellness watch for Android, iOS & Windows Phone with an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch - Specifications, Price
Read Your Pulse, Live
At up to 1,000Hz sampling rate per second, Wellograph records one of the most detailed data in the wearable market.

Fitness Trend
Wellograph analyses your pulse readings over time and shows how your fitness level has changed or improved.

Readiness Scale
Through HRV (heart rate variability) scanning, Wellograph can tell whether you are ready for more exercise or need some more rest.

Precision Pedometer
The integrated 9-axis accelerometer is highly accurate. It tracks your every step and every subtle movements.

Cardio Time
Wellograph knows precisely how hard you move. The heart-pumping movements are translated into cardio time. The higher the Cardio Time the better!

7 Days View
Compare your activities from the past 7 days and motivate you to move more.
Good Sleep Is Golden
We understand the critical importance of a good night sleep and we want to help you improve your sleeping pattern.

Auto Sleep Logging
Wellograph understands when you are sleeping and automatically records your sleep time, duration and wake time.

Deep Sleep Analysis
How well did you sleep? How many times you woke up? The collected sleep data is carefully analyzed throughout the night.

Live Broadcast
The Live feature shares your steps with your love ones and friends in real time via bluetooth connectivity.

Top The Chart
Compare and compete for the most steps and race towards a better health! Wellograph Live encourages you and your friends to move more.

Timing Sessions
A stopwatch feature that tracks distance, speed, lap time and movement intensity. A great way to capture your athleticity.

Compare Your Stats
4 months of sessions are stored in the Wellograph. Browse your personal records in every detail through the Wellograph App.
50m/165ft Waterproof +, Non Scratch Sapphire.

Up to 7 Days Per Charge, Full Charge in 1 Hour.

More freedom to the people. The first App & Wearable of its kind with triple platform support.

The Wellograph App takes full advantage of the larger phone display. The activity data are nealty organized for long term health overviews.

Wellograph Specifications
1.26in Low-Power LCD + Integrated Backlight
210 mAH / Up to 7 Days
Genuine leather / NATO Nylon Strap (Optional)
Tri-LED HR Sensor + 9-Axis Accelerometer
Magnetic Dock + Micro USB Cable
15.2-21.5cm / 6-8.5in Wrist
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Sapphire, Stainless Steel & Aluminum
42 x 33 x 12.5mm / 1.65 x 1.30 x 0.5in
4 Months of Records
Up to 5ATM / 50m / 165ft
55g / 3.5oz
Razer Forge TV was built to bring hard-core gaming and entertainment to the big screen. Forge TV opens the gateway for next-level Android gaming that is designed for the serious gamer. Intense Full HD graphics combined with the Razer Serval controller provide the detail and precision that is needed to dominate the living room.
Razer Forge TV: Android gaming in your living room
Razer Forge TV: Android gaming in your living room
Razer Forge TV is an Android TV micro-console, powered by a quad-core processor features full HD graphics, Wireless AC and Gigabit Ethernet, and local multiplayer games.

Powered by a quad-core processor and gaming-grade graphics, the Razer Forge TV has the performance to tear through Full HD games and media. Get access to blazing fast connectivity and media streaming with Wireless AC and Gigabit Ethernet. All this power and performance has been engineered into a sleek and compact design featuring a silent thermal solution.

With the emergence of next-level Android games made with Full HD resolution and controller support, Razer Forge TV provides a true gaming experience. Pick up where you left off when switching between your mobile device and Razer Forge TV with compatible games and media.

With the ability to connect up to 4 simultaneous controllers, you can enjoy the world of multi-player gaming on the big screen from the comfort of your living room.

Watch hit shows, movies, music and online videos from Google Play, YouTube, Hulu, Red Bull TV, Crackle and your favorite apps.
Cast your favorite game streams, movies, music, and web content from your Android or iOS mobile device or laptop to your TV. Also use your mobile device to play, pause, rewind, control volume, and create playlists.

Control Razer Forge TV by downloading the remote app for Android or iOS mobile devices. This easy-to-use companion app allows voice search or touch navigation by simply tapping the interface D-pad or using intuitive gestures like swiping in various directions, so you never have to take your eyes off the big screen.

Razer Forge TV Specifications
Android 5.0, Lollipop
Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
Quad-Core Krait 450 CPU - 2.5GHz per core
Adreno 420 GPU
16GB of Storage
Bluetooth 4.1 + HS
Wireless 802.11ac 2X2
Gigabit Ethernet
HDMI 1.4 output
USB 3.0
DC Power
105mm X 105mm X 17mm
TV with HDMI input
HDMI cable
Internet connectivity
Razer Store - $99.99 / €99.99
$149.99 / €149.99 (Forge TV and Serval Controller Bundle)

Rollkers is a transportation accessory that increases a person's average walking rate up to 7 miles per hour.
Rollkers - The world's first Electronic "UNDER SHOES"
Rollkers - The world's first Electronic "UNDER SHOES"
Rollkers is the ideal personal transit accessory.
Walk faster
Rollkers is a transportation accessory that increases a person's average walking rate up to 7 miles per hour.
No training needed
Unlike inline skates, Rollkers are immediately balancing and require no specific training.
Self sufficient Battery
Rollkers were developed to provide a healthier, more environmentally friendly form of transportation.
Carry them with you everywhere
Small and light devices make them easy to carry anywhere, anytime.
Fits all sizes of shoes
Totally hands free: "Auto-Clipping" on and off any size and make of shoes.
+ Auto-locking binding loop
+ Large wheels provide cushioning over rough surfaces
+ Intelligent controller for stabilization & assistance
+ Powerful motor to create inertia
+ High performance battery
+ Wireless communication
+ Fits all shoe sizes