popSLATE: The digital case for your iPhone 5 with 4-inch E-Ink screen - Price, Specifications, Videos

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popSLATE is an E-Ink screen on the back of your iPhone case. That means it's low-power, always-on and totally customizable. It's a second screen case for your iPhone. Customize the back of your phone instantly with images from friends, Instagram, artists, and more.

The Second Screen Experience for your iPhone 5
popSLATE is an E-Ink screen in an iPhone 5 case.  That means it's low-power, always-on, super-readable in direct sunlight, and totally customizable. It's a blank slate you can populate with the images you love. Now you can express yourself to the world, share cool stuff with friends, and always have your favorite app functionality at a glance.
Express Yourself
You can Pop just about anything to the back of your iPhone. Snap a picture. Grab images on the Web. Take iPhone screenshots. Plug in to your other photo sharing platforms, like Instagram.  Receive pictures from friends. You can Pop 'em one by one, or quickly set up a slideshow.
Always-On Productivity 
Don't you hate it when your iPhone screen keeps turning off when you need to view something every few moments? Or, you're in a meeting and need something important from your iPhone, but you just can't get away with looking at it on the sly?
Since the popSLATE screen is ultra-low-power, it is always on. This opens up a bunch of possibilities. Urgent notifications, sports scores, maps, notes, calendar, talking points-you name it-will now be available at a glance.
Micro E-Reader
Kindle? iPhone? Who wants to carry both? Get a popSLATE instead. The E Ink screen is readable even in the brightest sunlight. Try doing that with your glossy LCD screen.
Share With Friends
With the Popslate app, you can manage your digital image library, pass along cool things for your friends to Pop, and plug in to your other photo sharing platforms, like Instagram.
How It All Works
The popSLATE case includes the latest, ruggedized, E-Ink screen, so it protects your iPhone just like any 'dumb' case. In fact the screen is nearly indestructible.
The screen only uses power when the image changes so it sips negligible power from the phone. popSLATE use the lightning connector for both power and data exchange. For shortcut navigation, popSLATE also integrating a tactile interface based upon the iPhone's accelerometer. Double tap the back of your phone to cycle through images or accept Pops from your friends.
Then there's popSLATE app on the iPhone side. You can take pictures with the camera, browse the image gallery, manage your library, connect with other users, send/receive images and messages, and Pop what you want, when you want it.

Everything You Need At A Glance
Boarding Passes
Never be caught without a boarding pass when your phone dies
Keep your bearings, no power required
To-Do Lists
Stay on top of your daily tasks without opening your phone
View your day's meetings at a glance
The popSLATE case
Instantly show off your images 24/7
popSLATE is thin and lightweight but can take a beating while protecting your phone
Save Power
Use the ultra low-power, ePaper screen to extend your battery life
The popSLATE app
Find powerful designs and pics from rich content channels, including the universe of Instagram
Capture the moment with your camera or grab anything you've dropped into your photo library
Share your favorite images with your friends and the global popSLATE community
Compatibility: iPhone 5
Screen: Ruggedized, 4" diagonal E-Ink screen
Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Case dimensions: 5.35'' x 2.56'' x 0.54''
Weight: <75 grams
Case Color: Black or White
Battery: Last a week on a single charge
Charging: Micro-USB port used for charging
PRICE: $129

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